How to Give a Thai Massage

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From Our Discover How To Massage series of DVDs, we bring you How To Thai Massage


How To Thai Massage

Included in this DVD is an introduction to the equipment you will need, hand movements, instructions on providing a full massage, and how to provide a Thai Massage for specific ailments.

Thai massage is a form of massage that uses deep tissue work, as well as energy flows with your energy lines.

Our DVD is presented by an experienced Thai Massage Therapist, who’s mentor studied for several years in Thailand with two of the seven schools of Thai Institutes.

The simple equipment that you will need can already be found around your house, so you will not need to go out and invest a lot of money in new equipment.

Learn how to use the Thumb Press, Palm Walk, and Thumb Walk on the Energy Lines on your body.  You will also discover how to apply Thai Massage techniques to the feet, the underside and the top of the feet, including the toes.

The therapist then takes you step by step on how to take the massage up from the feet, up the legs, and back down again.  The detail of the training includes how to target the energy lines, including picking up blockages and releasing them.

From the toes, feet and legs, you are then taken through the Thai Massage process for the hands and arms.  You will also learn how to apply a ‘blood stop’ technique to wash away blocked up energy in the arms.  From there you are taken on to massaging the shoulders, head and neck.

If you’ve always wanted to know how to give a Thai Massage, then this DVD will take you from complete beginner, to someone who can provide a very satisfying massage, and your friends and family will be amazed.

How to Give a Thai Massage







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